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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  November 10, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> is on its second leg, can it survive. >> the ideal of repeal is not something this administration will let happen. ♪ ♪ >> the revamped health care website is now up and running. >> things are simpler and faster. >> the new enrollment period begins saturday. >> close to 19 million people benefiting from the affordable care act. >> can obamacare continue to shift. >> i think is important that republicans can govern maturely. >> i think we need to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the ideal of repeal is something this administration won't let happen. >> it would be very disastrous for this lawsuit to succeed.
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>> we made progress. more than 10 million americans are not uninsured. that's the fact., part two, five days before the affordable care act second enrollment begins, the website is officially open for window shopping. this time the administration is trying to keep the process glitch-free. not only can users review their options before the enrollment period begins but the website will handle twice as many users and the application process is reduced from 76 pages to 16. earlier today health and human services secretary appeared optimistic. >> we are confident that we are going to have a successful open enrollment. things are simper, faster and more intuitive. this is hard. we will have thing that's won't go right and we will have down time. but the most important thing we can do about that is make sure
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we are prepared. something will happen. what we need to do is be trans parent, fast, and get it fixed. >> it is predicted between 9 and 9.9 million people will be covered by 2015. that is about a third lower than the earlier estimate of 13 million. the biggest threat to the affordable care act is once again the supreme court which decided sfri to friday to take up a challenge to the law's subsidies. if the court strikes it down the entire law will be at stake as well as the lives of the people who depend on it. seven of those people filed last week. people like ted who has chemo therapy and scan that's are continually covered by the government. people who like jennifer has had to receive two lung transplants.
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>> then again, even if the supreme court rules in favors of the subsidies, there's always the grand old party. the hill is saying they are pushing mitch mcconnell to use a procedure budget move to repeal obamacare. the same budget rule that was used to pass the law. >> i guess that depends on your definition of important. joining me now the excusive editor of -- media and from the
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huffington post. and john stanton. around repeal -- i feel the american public has a different relationship to this law now that there are the stories of jennifer and david tedrow, their survival in some part is thanks to the affordable care act. >> sure you always had a dynamic that would happen that once it got started it would have its own constituenconstituency, now untouchable, because millions of people benefit. the same will be increasingly true of obamacare. no question about that. it is saving lives and reducing the deficit. if you're conservative, i don't know what more you would want. >> right. john, to talk about the republican zeal for repeal, mcconnell has said forthrightly, that there will be no government shut down but that seems to be the most amount of control he's
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willing to assert on the far right fringes of his caucus, of his party. how much do you think this reconciliation strategy will become a reality in the next congress. >> i think it could very well become a thing if they have to do. senator mcconnell is looking at this and saying we can't just hold hog it at this point. they will be clear about that. the problem is can they do enough to appease their people but doesn't impact the people that are already be helped by the law. they don't want stories that said republicans took away people's held ng care but they want to say they appealed parts of the law and they're working to make it better. that's the kind of strategy you will see evolve over the next couple months as they start to figure out how they will do the budget and get this off their plate as quickly as possible. they don't want to keep
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relitigating obamacare over the next two years. it hasn't been the thing that helped in the last election, i think they want to get past it at this point. >> sam, how much do you think the supreme court taking up this issues helps. i mean, it has been relegated to fantasy. the repeal votes happened but the law is not repeal where as the supreme court could hand down a decision that deeply cripples the law if not knocking out one of the three legs of the stool, the others being the individual mandate and the denial of preexisting coverage. >> yeah. >> that then creates a real issue for republicans going into 2016 because they have to either be in support of the supreme court's decision or not. >> in one respect the supreme court gives mcconnell and boehner a bit of time. if they were to use reconciliation, i don't want to get too wonky.
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>> please don't get too wonky. >> if they were take away reconciliation it will take away subsidies and taxes while leaving the policy elements in place, such as the preexisting condition policy. now the supreme court will now weigh in on weather the subsidies for the nonstate created exchanges are legal or valid. mcconnell can say we don't immediate to tackle this at this time because we have the supreme court court's decision coming up let's not take a vote that we have to take. in that respect i think mcconnell is given a little leeway but on the broader question of what happens on an adverse supreme court ruling. i think the politics are fairly bad for the republican party, much worse than is being portrayed this the press. in that you will have stories come out of people's live who's will be ruined either
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financially or medically and that will be put on both the supreme court should she rule aversely, and the democrats would cheer such a ruling. suddenly it is a question of do you support a fix to the law that will help these people obtain their coverage and go see a doctor. it is a very tough question for republicans to answer. dynamics are shifted in the case of an averse ruling. >> eric, average monthly premium whys are reduced 76% after tax credits from $346 to $82 and republicans are arguing the tax credits are bad. we would like for people's out-of-pocket expenditures to rise. then there's the morality question, this glee on the subject of health care, there's
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a very real story, not to be redunld ant but a very practical reality of these stories coming out. i think taking on this issue and understanding the human cost has been missing in the conservative argument for a very long time. >> no question it is missing. i'm not so sure it will come back in the midst of a republican majority. if the supreme court rules against the law, that puts the republicans in a strong position to relitigate the whole law. they have the upper hand. we want to help people but there's a lot of fixes that need to happen and suddenly you are back in the congressional gridlock situation. so i think is best case scenario for them. >> john, to the question of conservatives and whether or not this buys mitch mcconnell some time, we know the conservatives are involved in the lawsuit, the
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competitive enterprise institute has been apiiays -- paying for some of the lawsuits going to the supreme court. it has a lot of stickyness inside conservative circles, do you think mitch can outsource some of the ire sam is talking about. >> i'm not sure the problem he will face is outside organizations and members of the house will want to move forward and look at supreme court decision and say there's no clear way to say that they will definitely rule in our favor and then we will have to wait until next year, let's just do it now, let's, you know, cut it out, like as soon as we possibly can. there's going to be a lot of pressure from the heritage foundation and other organizations who are focused on this issue as well as other members of the house.
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this is the first test for mitch mcconnell because he will have to manage the expectations of house republicans which is very, very difficult. i'm not sure either of them has a good game plan for how to do that. >> back to the law itself, the it was wrote on, saying the administration got the low hanging fruit from people in 2014 people without insurance to change their minds how much is that a true test for the success of this lieu. -- this law. >> keep in mind the mandate penalty will be higher this year, so it creates incentive for people to buy insurance. so the administration has that in their favor. also a lot of people didn't visit the first go around to the
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website because it was a terrible diz asastdisaster. i also think the administration is putting a very low estimate on the number of sign ups for a season. they want to exceed the estimate. they don't want to miss their own expectations. i take this number with a huge grain of salt. i assume they know they will get more than that. >> the white house strategic. stick with me guys. when we come back, president obama's pick for attorney general has been confirmed by the senate twice before. . plus will human rights concerns on three fronts over shadow president obama's pivot to asia. and america's many addiction to football, all that ahead on "now."
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>> i'm going to do what i can do to executive action. if in fact is true that they want to pass a bill, they've got good ideas, nobody is stopping them, the minute they do it and the minute i sign that bill, then what i've done goes away. >> president obama once again made clear this weekend that he will follow through with executive action on immigration by the end of the year. but what of his nominee for attorney general. loretta lynch. rems are insisting her to be delayed another they are seated in january. >> we have not done an attorney general confirmation in a lame duck since 1906. ifs. >> i think it would be in the best interest of the country and
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congress to wait and do this next year. loretta lynch will get fair consideration but there is a process. >> eric holder isn't going anywhere soon, it's not like the position won't be feeled. >> they are trying to fuse the two issues together. ted cruz threatened to delay lynch's announcement. >> she is going to have to specifically come to the hill, talk about trying to get better relations between the departments and the hill, and specifically answer questions about executive amnesty, is it legal, is it constitutional. >> with the two issues conjoined democrats if face another choice, delay hearings until january as a gesture of good will or as roll call suggests
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confirm lynch in lame duck . >> stanton, what's the smart play here for the white house in terms of getting, or democrats in terms of getting anything done ever maybe before 2016. >> i mean, if they want to get things beyond immigration done then they have to not do the deportation changes because republicans have done a great job of making this about amnesty and done a great job of really making this thing like the line in the sand that if he crosses they feel like, and their voters feel like, they can just stand there and fight him. that's what's going to end up happening. if they want to do lynch's nomination and they want to do the docket changes they will have to do both of them during lame duck to get them out of the way and then be content with the
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keeping the lights on the next two years. >> eric how did we get here. there are a few worse choices than the ones on table. >> obama has had the ability for a long time to act on his own. he's kept saying he is going to do it. this time he postponed if because he wanted to help the democrats that lost anyways to not have to face the immigration issues but they are really in a bind now and put themselves there by their own making by large extent. they failed to take the action they could have taken all along. the president is in a position he can hold off on immigration and use it as a bargaining chip. it's the same card he's been playing a long, long tile. time. >> familiar hand. sam, some folks say go ahead and call republican bluff, confirm lynch in the lame duck. roll call says it is unclear how
1:20 pm
many republicans would vote to block inch l. >> yeah i mean, he could call the republicans bluff. they could try to drag it out as much as they can although there are limits to what they can do and then he could theo receiptically go ahead with this executive action. i'm of the mind set the well is poisoned already and you can't poison it more by rushing it, because once there's a republican house the likelihood of getting any of these items done is fairly remote. the down sides seem to be smaller than the upside. >> you think he should push lynch through in lame duck.
1:21 pm
>> i think that is the best strategic move. i don't know if he should do it or not. he has most likely chance of passing her before introducing the excusive action. because she could just say that's a hypothetical. >> she will definitely have to answer that question one way or another. if loretta lynch is confired she will probably be the last confirmland position. there are 150 other nominees waiting confirmation including the u.s. surgeon general. 16 court judgeships given the wheels of government only really move in the judicial branch. >> yeah. >> is it your thoughts that they will say doesn't matter if it is noncontroversial you are doing the lynch thing and we're not approving anybody. >> i don't think the lynch thing would do it but i think the
1:22 pm
docket changes would trigger that kind of decision on the republicans part. the school of thought within republican party is what they want to the try to do is essentially give obama the same number of nominees over the next two years that say bush or other presidents got in the last two years of their presidency under the lame duck. under no circumstances under any administration do they get any high level pointes done in their last year of administration anyway. so they feel maybe we do that and take the card off the table so democrats can't accuse us of blocking everything. so it may be something they do. again, if they change the deportation rules that changes the entire game for the republicans. they no longer will feel like they need to look as if they are accommodating the president or trying to be bipartisan in any manner. >> let's say they do that, wave the red flag in front of the
1:23 pm
bull, joe barton said impeachment would be the consideration, always the next step. looks like the republican has the upper hand until they try to move forward with impeachment, then they played them selves. >> how much and how little will get dop. we heard republicans complaining that this kind of thing hasn't been approved since 1906 i thought that was their whole agenda to go back to 1906. >> sam, two things, do you think the republicans have the discipline to get angry enough to use, let's say executive action, or what they call executive overreach, to political ends but enough discipline to not step over the line and take it a bridge too far. >> i do. i mean, the one thing that they learned from this past year was that their low point came with
1:24 pm
the government shutdown. they don't want to do something like that again. >> but we're talking about it again. >> talking about it is one thing and actually going forward with it. there's other avenues to go after the president should he go forward with this executive action. they could gum up the appropriations process and make sure it is not funded and force the president's hangd that way. it comes down to how much power does boehner have over his caucus. but i think a lot of the party got it out of their system with this government shutdown. certainly there will be someone who will want to sue the president or impeach the president but leadership has a role to play and i think they have power coming off the 2014 election. >> is sam overly optimistic as usual. did they it out of their system. >> yes he is probably is.
1:25 pm
>> john, you cynic. >> i am a little bit cynical about this. i look at the players and they have become, in some ways the house is more conservatives with the pick ups they got. >> yeah. >> the one thing they have going for them and being able to avoid a government shutdown even if the house was going to try to impeach them, mitch mcconnell will not do that in the senate. i think he will be a fairly effective block. >> he looks fairly determined in the photo. mr. silver lining, huffington post sam, you're a ray of sunshine. >> thanks. >> guys stick with me. [ male announcer ] we all think about life insurance. but when we start worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on the things that matter today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice
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>> iraq interior ministry saying wounded by air strike on saturday 250 south of mosul. if currently $10 million bounty. >> officials confirm the aircraft gathered isis leaders friday night. bug daddy was not believed to be a target. over the weekend coalition planes pounded 23 air strikes in syria and 18 in iraq. finally 3 days after president ob announced an extra 1500
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so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app.
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1:34 pm
tour of asia. he was answering to the handling of prodemocracy protesters. come wz mass arrests in the north west. add that to ongoing concerns over repression, dis dends, maritime disputes and tightened controls on the internet. and the president will travel next to burma where they have given them a grim choice. prove your family has lived in burma for 60 years or be place in camps and face deportation. some 200,000 have already fled or confined to camps in the last two years. then there's north korea. while the president welcomed the detainees over the weekend, today did not sound particularly
1:35 pm
optimist about north korean relations. >> joining me now is new york times columnist. nick, it is always good to see you. human rights something we are not able to focus on nearly enough in the american news media so let's stake that moment we have at this moment in terms of china. how much leverage at this point does the american president have with chinese leadership. you wrote the state-run global times editorial has scathing remarks about obama's leadership saying this . >> yeah. and that's in a country that has a great tradition of hospitality and politeness.
1:36 pm
you know, i don't think frankly that president obama has a great deal of leverage right now. i think the chinese government is not had listening-mode. the president is a hawkish nationalist. i think he does believe in reforming the economy to some degree, in some deegan perhaps in reforming the legal code, by i think that he is going to continue to preside over a crack down on descent at home and the president has some ability, he has at power of the pull pit, you can shine a light on some of these issues but i don't think he will be pursueding them to let anyone out of prison, including noble peace prize winner who is behind bars. >> you know, the president's relationship with burma is, the americans relationship to burma is that of the relationship it
1:37 pm
has to china. do you think the president can offer sway over the polilight, repression, the grave abuses that have been visited upon while he's there. do you think he can make headway. >> well, you know, it would have been natural to try to, you know, gain some agreement from the burmese in exchange for going there, that doctors without border would be allowed to return for medical. and perhaps lay off this extraordinary tlul essentially disenfranchises and takes atwa stayhood of rohinja. yet that did not happen. so i just don't mow whether -- don't know whether there is going to be any substantial change during the president's
1:38 pm
visit to burma. if that doesn't happen, then i think the trip is going to look a little bit strange. people will wonder why go to repressive-mode burma rather than independento indonesia. which is celebrating new democratic leadership. >> in burma, the racism, directed by buddhaist monks is stunning and i want to play a clip talking to a young boy talking about muslim minority. >> if you saw a muslim boy your age what would you do, how would you react? >> i'd kill him. i mean, this. surely, this is something that is so deep-seeded and pervasive in the burmese culture one
1:39 pm
wonders who will be the burm ea burmese to puz the society further, the current leader refuses to believe they are a minority in this country. where can we find hope on this question. >> the great tragedy is the dividing line in burma for years, for decades, has been between incompetent and brutal military dictators and democratic leaders. it's been about democracy. i fear the fault line is instead moving to who is more nationalist, who hates muslim more exexpel them. if it is about who is more naturalist, who will drive out the muslims, then in a sense
1:40 pm
marge in margin alliesed and military power stays in power for years to come and the whole world loses. >> thanks for reporting. >> good to see you alex. coming up we will look at the disturbing and widespread health risks of football. just ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson could be back on the field this season. the nfl players association
1:48 pm
called for the immediate reinstatement on friday after pleading no contest to misdemeanor charge of assault last week. they plan to move quick on the case. defensive end ray mcdonald will not been charged in his case due in part lack of cooperation by the victim. it is not clear what happened with these skantales. every top watched shows were nfl games. football's dominance masks a dark reality in september the nfl admitted nearly a third of retired players develop long term problems and in response the league changed some of its rules banning helmet to helmet hits and changing kick off. is that enough.
1:49 pm
here's a comparison. >> back with me now are eric and john. eric, what do you think about the comparison between big tobacco and football. >> i think is apt and i think it is particularly apt because football has been a deniable for years as the tobacco industry was. kept it under wraps and now they are moving past deniable. now starting to talk about compensating victims and making it as safe as possible given it is a dangerous thing that hurts people. >> john, we are also seeing players themselves ban together in big class action suits and
1:50 pm
come out publicly saying -- it's a question of at what point do players get more vocal and make their voices known to management about the injuries they potentially face. >> it's an interesting question. i think the players are the ones that i think are in this coming frankly, i think the outside public has been okay with it in large part because unlike the tobacco industry which was an industry, nfl is a monopoly, basically one organization, and has been very careful on how it has managed its image even more so than the tobacco companies did in the 50s through the 70s when they were still out advertising. this is interesting because unlike in tobacco case you had
1:51 pm
people who bought cigarettes and got sick and had lawsuits, these players are now part of the monopoly saying, wait we were lied to, were weren't given proper care and post-career care. so it is an interesting opening when the organization has been very closed for years. >> the times makes this point that in 1938, a john's hopkins researcher reported this spoker dz not live as long as nonsmokers in 1938. in 1997 first time tobacco acknowledged cigarettes caused cancer, took half century for big tobacco to admit that smoking was unhealthy. the fact that the nfl came out and said up to a third of nfl players will face significant brain damage than at a much
1:52 pm
younger age than the rest of the population would seem to be a bigger opening and one opening faster than the tobacco analog. >> that's right. in the last several years you see fight between science and public information and science is winning. it is hard to keep science under rap. the climate change is actively trying to use it. but only working to a bigger point because science has a bigger mega phone and people under it. >> and destruction, either physical or environmental is on the table. no denying it. >> that's right. the other problem is culture, the degree in which football is intwine in american culture, and people see it as a way of life as something that is done for fun. that may take a hit. pop warner leagues seen a 10%
1:53 pm
decline in enrollment. president obama saying if i had sons i wouldn't let them play. so the ground may change 10 or 20 or 30 years from now. will you see the cultural shift. >> the behavior has to change around watching football, huge business, these teams are multi billion franchises, the cowboys are worth $3 billion, buffalo bills, not a fantastic team was just sold for a billion so that has to change. to eric's point, mothers and fathers, having to say, my kid's not going to play is also incredibly influe flefle fleflel in cterms of the way this debat goes. >> it is.
1:54 pm
aside from a few folks like dan snyder, pretty much everyone likes the owner of their local team. they do a lot of community work. they are sort of out there. they are not seen as bad guys, really. and so i think that is going to help the nfl in a lot of ways. and they have been much more proactive compared to a lot of other industries like this in terms of acknowledge tlg are problems and starting to do corrective measures to mitigate the damage to them long term. frpgz but i do think the nfl is certainly looking at this in 20 or 30 years and wanting to maintain its place as the number one sports in the united states. it seems that they are trying to find a way to navigate that. >> eric before we go, the scandals around adrian peterson and ray rice and ray mcdonald do you think those have a lasting effect on public opinion regarding nfl and professional football. >> i think they go to the point
1:55 pm
just made. i don't hi the commissioner goodell came out of that looking good. it shows cracks in the system, and starts to show it as an industry as a monopoly that will effect the way people view it. but really football is america's past times because it is a series of meetings punctuated by violence. violence is at the core of is this sport and will remain so. >> hard to make a healthy cigarette. thank you guys for your time. >> thank you. coming up, pope francis just sent a strong mess ang to the catholic church, reform or beremoved. for the volkswagen next. sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the well-crafted all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen.
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1:59 pm
raymond burke. he was signed a largely ceremonial charity role, this coming a week after he criticized the pope saying this. he calls the democratic party the party of death. just last month he called gay relationships profoundly disordered and harmful. the vatican's announcement came just days after pope francis excommunicated a priest who admitted to sexually abusing fourteen agers. this is how paul put it. that's all for now. see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 eastern. the ed show is up next.
2:00 pm
good evening americans. welcome to the ed show live from new york. let's get to work. ♪ ♪ >> the energy regulations imposed by the administration are simply bad policy. >> i'm not qualified to debate the science over climate change. >> will go down sas the warmest decade on record. >> the environmental protection agency. >> epa. >> epa, there you go. >> let's shut down the federal epa. >> the energy revolution. >> the energy boom sthaz going on in america is real. >> when you say energy these days people think of the key stone pipe line. >> the key stone pipe line. good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. after last week's results that tuesday night


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